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Project Reality Server Rules

!!!Comply or get punished!!!

1 General
1.1 We expect all players to act in a mature and professional manner. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
1.2 No advertisment for other clans or servers.
1.3 Do not false report any player or abuse the !r /!rp function. Accidentally false reporting a player can still get you punished!
1.4 The german law applies on the server which especially means no nazi insignia/names.
1.5 Spamming in mumble, team-chat or all-chat is prohibited.
1.6 Admins have the final word, do not discuss your problem in game. Take your complains to the forum or TeamSpeak, this will lead to the problem being resolved faster.

2 Communication and Teamplay
2.1 Everyone needs a working microphone.*
2.2 Primary language is english. Foreign language squads are tolerated, but basic english skills are mandatory while being Squadleader or Commander.
2.3 Use direct squad comms (default key: numpad 1-9) whenever possible. Do not spam on the squad-leader or commander channel (default key: *, / ).
2.4 Squadleaders are advised to follow their commander’s orders, and work cohesively and for the benefit of the team.

3 Squads
3.1 All players must join a squad.*
3.2 Do not create squads before the pre-round timer reaches 2.00 minutes!
3.3 Free kit squads are not allowed.*
3.3 Do not lock infantry squads with less than 5 players in it.*
3.4 Do not steal kits from other squads.
3.5 Every asset squad needs enough players to man all assets (e.g. tank squad with 3 tanks = atleast 6 players.).

4 Assets and Claiming
4.1 Squads named, “Mortar”, “APC”, “Tank”, “Trans” or “CAS” claim specific assets. Squad name has to contain the specific order of letters listed above (“C@$”, “4PC”, etc. do not claim anything, while "TANKerino", "CASxD", etc. do.)
4.2 The first squad created after the 2:00 minute mark which is named appropriately, claims the respective assets.
4.3 Each Squad can only claim one type of asset (e. g. Tank & Apc is not allowed).
4.4 Do not steal assets from other squads. You can however ask other squads to lend you a few of their assets. (e.g. tank squad can lend a tank to apc squad.)
4.5 All available assets must be used immediately on spawn if the situation does not lead to an instant death of the asset after leaving main base (e. g. 1 jet vs. 4 jets etc.).
4.6 “Mortar” claims all mortar emplacements.
4.7 “APC” claims all armored personnel carriers (APCs) and infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs).
4.8 “Tank” claims all tanks (MBTs).
4.9 “Trans” claims all transport helicopters.
4.10 “CAS” claims all jets and attack helicopters.
4.11 Do not dublicate an asset squad that already exists.
4.12 Do not take assets if you do not know how to use them.
4.13 Do not waste any assets.
4.14 All assets have to be used accordingly to their role.
4.15 Anti-air vehicles and anti-tank vehicles, such as scout vehicles are not claimable.

5 Forbidden Tactics
5.1 Do not use any form of unfair advantage (ghosting, cheating, glitching, etc.).
5.2 Do not disrupt the gameplay in any way (teamkilling, mumble spam, smoke grenades in main base, firing at friendly vehicles, etc.).
5.3 Do not shoot in or out of main base or dod. Exeption: AAS assault maps with large DODs covering certain parts of the map (e.g. Jabal Al Burj, Pavlovsk Bay).
5.4 Do not attack or camp the enemy main base or repair station (e.g. Beirut).
5.5 Do not use any suicide tactics except when playing as insurgents.
5.6 Roadkilling will be tolerated. However do not turn around in your vehilcle to run someone over, whilst playing as conventional Forces (USMC, US-Army, IDF, RAF, MEC, etc.). Insurgents and unconventional forces (Taliban, ARF, Hamas, etc.) are allowed to roadkill.
5.7 Do not build any emplacements within your team’s DOD.
5.8 Do not rush the enemy’s first cappable flag within the first 15 min of the round. Exeptions: If there are spawnpoints near those flags in the beginning of the round or if there is an attack marker on the flag.
Do not use heavy assets (tank, apc, ifv, cas, garry, suicide cars, rocket technical, spg technical, area attack) with less than 25vs25 players on the server.

5.10 Do not destroy weapon-caches on INS-mode before 15 vs 15 players on the server.
5.11 Do not chase jets/ helis into the enemy main base, while operating cas.
5.12 Do not overfly the enemy main base.
5.13 Do not lock on to enemy jets/helis and flares above and around the enemy main base. This rule especially applies to mobile AAs (Gopher, Gaskin, Avenger, etc.) and handheld AAs (Strela, Stinger, etc.).

Rules marked with * might not be enforced while seeding.

If you want to be unbanned from our server, please create a thread in the "ban appeal" section. (Temb bans last for 3 hours.)


Updated: 27.12.2017

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