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DPRC Rules

- Everyone needs a mic
- Shooting out of main is not allowed, shooting back neither
- Claimable: HMMWV CROWS, SPG Technical, Rocket Technical, BTR

1. General
1.1. No racism and/or insults at all. This is a bannable offense.
1.2. Do not recruit players for your clan or server.
1.3. Do not try to bend the rules.
1.4. Do not do anything that might violate any of these rules. Ask an admin if needed!
1.5. Obey the admins' orders.
1.6. The rules apply for everybody playing on the server.
1.7. The primary language is english.
1.8. Do not false report any player or abuse the report function. This is a bannable offense! Accidentally false reporting a player will still get you punished!
1.9. The german law applies on the server. Naming certain banned names and/or parties can get you banned! (e.g. nazi symbols)

2. Gameplay
2.1. Do not use any form of an unfair advantage (ghosting, cheating, glitching etc.). This applies everywhere.
2.2. Do not disrupt the gameplay in any way (teamkilling, spam via voice chat, … ).
2.3. Do not fire into the enemy main base and dont shoot out of your own main base
2.4. Do not attack or camp the enemy main base. If it is a flag with an attack marker on it, it is not considered as main base anymore, thus attackable.
2.5. Do not use any suicide tactics except when playing as insurgents.
2.6. Do not build any emplacements within your team’s DOD.
2.7. Do not rush the enemy’s first cappable flag as long as there is no attack marker on it.
2.8. Do not use any claimable assets until there are atleast 30 players on the server.

3. Communication and Teamplay
3.1. Every player has to have a working microphone!
3.2. Keep every type of communication to a minimum.
3.3. Squadleaders have to speak english.
3.4. Squadleaders have to use squadleader chat

3.5. Grunts have to follow their squadleader’s orders.

4. Squads
4.1. All players must join a squad. No lonewolfing
4.2. Do not request a kit if your squadleader did not tell you to do so.

5. Assets and Claiming
5.1. Squads named, “APC”, “SPG” or “ARTY” claim specific assets. The name has to be clear (not “R0ck3t” etc.)!
5.2. Asset squads claim all vehicles of that type (e.g. APC claims all BTRs). Do not steal any assets and do not take them if the squadleader does not tell you to do so.
5.3. All available assets must be used immediately on spawn if the situation does not lead to an instant death of the asset after leaving main base  
5.4. “APC” claims all CROWS or BTRs
5.5. Do not duplicate squad that already exists.
5.6. Do not take assets if you don’t know how to use them.
5.7. Do not waste any assets.

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