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    • Fuller has written a new post "Hunter291" 12.02.2017

      Thx. I will look into it.

    • Fuller has written a new post "battlerecorder" 10.31.2017


      Hab dir die Dateien im TS³ hochgeladen, das Ganze findest du unter "Battlerecorder Files"
      ziemlich weit oben im Teamspeak. Rechts Klick auf den Channel und dann unter "Open File Browser".


    • Fuller has written a new post "ign GLORYWINGS i wanna know if it posible to unban me. read text" 06.06.2017


      Thx for your post! I updated the banlist a while ago, that might have caused some problems.
      (had to merge mutliple lists)
      Anyways, you will be able to join after the next server restart on wednesday 07.06.2017.

    • Fuller has created the topic "Merged Banlist read please". 04.29.2017

    • Fuller has written a new post "Ban appeal 2.0" 04.29.2017

      You are unbanned, sorry for the inconvinence!
      I merged a few older banlist files yesterday (only permabans) and your ID was apparently on that list :/

    • Fuller has written a new post "PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 UPDATE" 02.14.2017

      Da steht einfach nur " Es gab ein Update für viele Fahrzeuge, um die Munition pro Gurt und den gesamten Munitionsvorrat realistischer darzustellen".
      Somit kann also beiden der Fall sein.

    • Fuller has written a new post "vvBAN APPeals " 02.06.2017

      Already unbanned.

    • Fuller has written a new post "Ban Appeal" 12.18.2016

      Wow new reason for a perma ban. Thx!

      Temp ban--> perma ban
      Forum Account --> perma ban

    • Fuller has written a new post "Ban appeal" 12.04.2016


      AFAIK it was a temp-ban (3 hours) because you destroyed the gazelle on the heli pad. (probably redirect)
      Anyways its a very bad idea to shoot just outside the DOD into the enemys main base.

    • Fuller has written a new post "Ban appeal, RU TK's on Yamalia" 11.08.2016


      You have been temporarily banned for 3 hours.
      The russion RGO and the israeli grenades can be very suprising


    • Fuller has written a new post "gaddafi&assad unban request" 10.14.2016


      Thank you for your detailed post. (#8)
      You might know that we are mostly a german community and due to our history we have a special realtionship with dictators. (and assad is definately a dicatator by all means)
      This is one of the reasons why people don't accept names like Assad, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Goebbels et cetera.
      While it might be funny for some people it is exactly the opposite for others e.g. the syrian refugees in germany.
      That is one of the reason why we try to keep those names out of the game and it also prevents extensive politcal discussions in teamchat/allchat.
      Even if the reaction (in my oppinion) of mastergunner was a bit extreme, the general direction is right.

      " But even if it concerns the names, in my case, you comparing apples with oranges. Hitler and Mousolini were fascists and neonazi that invaded and attacked other countries and they are responsible for the 2nd world war. Assad is now fighting AGAINST Isis and terrorism in his country while gaddafi is a picturesque (particular) name for fun that belongs to the past. Thus your comparison is an EPIC FAILURE,[...]"

      We are indeed comparing apples and oranges in terms of scale but is it less of a crime to torture 60.000 people to death in assads prisons compared to 6 million jews who died in concentration camps?

      "[...]even more if we consider that all the weapons that are in the hands of terrorists today are made IN YOUR COUNTRIES...."

      If you define the term "your countries" as U.S.A., Europe, Russia, China, Iran ... well thats true.
      But there is no short/simple answer to this statement due to the sheer amount of parties participating in the syrian war.

      "Furthermore, this is a very dangerous way for the game, becouse you turn in into a political agenta and you dont see it as a game. Now you ban Assad, tommorow you will ban communist (there is a player with such a name) and in a few days you will ban everyone whos his name is not perfectly fit in your political agenda. "

      We are doing exactly the opposite, we want to keep politcs out of the game as much as we can. (okay...that might be our agenda )

      I hope that i could answer a few of your questions, if there is anything else let me know.



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